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America for Animals is a new type of animal welfare organization – one that aspires to give everyone the power to help animals. We do this by developing modern tools for advocacy and community organizing. Our tools include apps that enable animal advocates to connect, groups to be more effective, and consumers to make humane choices more easily. By advancing the role of technology in animal advocacy, America for Animals is blazing a path for large-scale, effective change. To move along with the current trends, many animal welfare associations have started accepting donations in the form of cryptocurrencies. The number of crypto traders is drastically increasing. Automated trading bots such as the Bitcoin 360 AI can help traders to simplify their trading process. Read the Bitcoin 360 AI Erfahrungen blog to learn more about this platform.

Everyone has the power to help animals. America for Animals helps us unleash it, together. Learn more.

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 Hive is an online network that connects animal advocates with events, organizations, and people to create positive change that improves the lives of animals. Hive will be launching soon.

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The Humane Eating Project

The Humane Eating Project

The Humane Eating Project gives you the power to help animals every time you dine out. With this app, you can easily find humane-conscious restaurants and add your voice to the fight against factory farming.

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America for Animals  is run completely by volunteers. Donate to help us end animal suffering.