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Humane eating is as easy as following our map markers…

Vegan, Vegetarian, and/or Veg-Friendly. “Friendly” means the restaurant may serve meat but has a dedicated vegetable menu.

Restaurant offers a humanely-raised meat dish. * This does not mean all the dishes are humanely-raised.

Restaurant serves food identified on the Watch List. Watch List foods are particularly offensive to many people and easily identified on the menu (such as veal or foie gras).

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Humane Eating Project


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Humane Eating Project

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The issues of factory farming

Over the years, idyllic family farms have been largely replaced by giant, industrial factory farms. Animals are treated like objects because the main goal is to produce a large amount of food very quickly. These are some of the key issues for animals living on factory farms:

  • Hormones and antibiotics are used generously to increase growth and combat unsanitary conditions.
  • Most factory farm animals live so close to each other that they don’t have enough room to turn around. Life is often a constant mosh pit.
  • Pain control is often not provided for procedures such as beak trimming, castration and tail docking.
  • The FDA and USDA do not have enough resources to enforce existing regulations, which are already inadequate.
  • Factory farm animals are often fed a variety of unsettling food items that people would not want to consume directly.
  • There are no regulations for animal welfare in the transport and slaughter process for poultry. For pigs and cattle, enforcement on what minimal regulations exist is often lax.

Making the decision to eat humanely will save animals from a life of horrible conditions.

Ready to go - humane?

You can make a difference by changing your habits and making humane-friendly choices! Download our free and convenient app today!

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Watch List restaurants are clearly identified

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  • A restaurant on the Watch List serves items such as Foie Gras, Sharkfin Soup, or Veal.
  • Many people find these items particularly offensive due to how the animals are treated or due to the environmental impact harvesting these foods may have.
  • The Watch List makes it easy to avoid accidentally patronizing these restaurants.

They’re in your hands.

As a consumer, you hold the cards. Restaurants serve what people want. By choosing dining options that support humane farming, you’re fighting animal cruelty. Start supporting humane eating by downloading our free app!

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